As soon as you enter Therapy Solutions you will notice that we are a different kind of physical therapy practice. Almost all of our staff has been friends for years prior to working together at Therapy Solutions. This results in a fun, empathetic and caring atmosphere, which can only stimulate your healing process.

Our space is artsy and upbeat. You might hear a lot of laughter among therapists and patients. Our therapists are all specializing in manual therapy (yes, the age of the machines is over) and combine this with state of the art exercise therapy. Multiple studies have found that both manual therapy and exercise therapy are effective, and that there is an added benefit from a combination of both therapies.

At the end of the treatment sessions you will have a clear understanding of the nature and biomechanics of your injury in terms of your original concerns. We are happy to explain the rationale of our treatments, explore options and listen to your preferences. We also take out time teaching you what you can do for yourself to stimulate healing and prevent future painful episodes.

Some of our therapists, besides English also speak Spanish.

Our Awesome Team of Physical Therapists

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